bp-implantThere is this particular observation made by some of the more astute folks out there when we take drugs to cure or manage a medical situation in our lives, and more often than not, such a drug will come with its fair share of complications, that will need other drugs to control those side-effects, ad infinitum. Well, when it comes to high blood pressure and you feel that you would still want to stick to the tried and tested world of drugs instead of opting for something more holistic, there is this new electronic implant that is said to be able to control high blood pressure sans drugs.

Just how does this particular electronic implant work? For starters, it will be able to monitor the different signals that are sent through a nerve in the neck in order to regulate blood pressure, and should it manage to detect a high reading, it will be able to overwrite the signal, hence lowering your blood pressure in the process.

This small implantable patch will be able to monitor and control the wearer’s blood pressure automatically. It is said that high blood pressure happens to be the greatest health risk worldwide, right after smoking and alcohol consumption, so a breakthrough like this would be very much welcome to say the least. So far, this device has been tested on rats and it managed to succeed in lowering their mean blood pressure by up to 30% without any negative side effects. I guess we are slowly but surely moving in the right direction where medical implants are concerned.

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