japan-display-whitemagicJapan Display is a name that we are all familiar with, considering the number of various mobile displays that they have released in the past as well as enterprise-based displays that support high resolution and insane pixel densities. Well, in their latest effort concerning a new high resolution tablet display, it will rely on “WhiteMagic” technology that is said to deliver better visibility outdoors as well as a lower power consumption when one is indoors.

WhiteMagic display technology has already been used in a smartphone before, with Sony’s Xperia P smartphone the first off the blocks to do so back when the 4” smartphone was introduced to the masses in 2012. This time around, Japan Display intends to work their ‘magic’ so as to deliver the same in a larger, higher-resolution display that will target the tablet market.

This new display happens to measure 7” in size, where it carries a resolution count of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, sporting a pixel density of 431 pixels per inch as well as 160 degree viewing angles. Considering how it falls under the WhiteMagic category, it would come with red, green, blue and white subpixels rather than the standard issue RGB arrangement. This paves the way for it to achieve a similar brightness level as that of a traditional display without consuming too much energy under certain situations.

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