japan-man-printed-gunWhile 3D printing technology has certainly had its fair share of benefits for mankind, this is also a double edged sword in the sense where it can also be used for nefarious purposes. Case in point – this 27-year-old man from near Tokyo has been arrested by the authorities for the alleged possession of guns that were created using a 3D printer, at least according to a news report from the Japan Broadcasting Corporation.

Out of the five 3D printed guns, two of those were actually capable of firing lethal bullets. Not only that, a 3D printer was also seized from Yoshitomo Imura’s home, according to police sources. This makes it the first arrest of its kind over in the Land of the Rising Sun. Police officers took action after Imura showed off his collection of 3D-printed guns online. Not too smart a move, don’t you think so?

In Mr. Imura’s defence, he claimed that he did not realise that the printing of guns was illegal. I suppose that there is some truth behind that, as there was no live ammunition found on his house’s premises. So far, we have come across another case of a 3D printed gun which was actually smuggled successfully into the Israeli parliament just to prove a point on the laxness in security protocols to handle new age technology.

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