lg-lifeband-touchLG has cast their eye on the wearable technology market by delving into the fitness arena with the Lifeband Touch as well as Heart Rate Earphones announced. The former was spotted at CES 2014 earlier this year, where back then, pricing and availability details were left unsaid. As for the Heart Rate Earphones, it has already hit the FCC back in February this year, which means it has been a good three months before a more “formal announcement” concerning it has been made.

These fitness wearable devices will arrive in the hands of consumers from this month onward, where both the LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones will deliver practical features alongside what they deem to be the most accurate data collection and analysis that are currently available. This ought to make life easier for wearers to be in more control of their health, and you end up with a full-featured wearable ecosystem when connected to compatible smartphones.

The LG Lifeband Touch will boast of a bright, full-touch OLED display in a lightweight form factor, and sports a special motion-sensing algorithm which will automatically turn on the display when one rotates one’s wrists. Two sensors, a triple-axis accelerometer and an altimeter, will work in tandem with one another to deliver the most accurate data possible in real time, as it plays nice with both Android and iOS platforms.

As for the LG Heart Rate Earphones, those have been specially designed to deliver an accurate reading of one’s heart rate data through the measuring of blood flow signals in the ear via PerformTek sensor technology. One can use the LG Heart Rate Earphones as a standalone device or with the LG Lifeband Touch. [Press Release]

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