surface-2-review--021Is Microsoft about to announce the much rumored Microsoft Surface mini tablet? Maybe, maybe not, but in the meantime the company has started to send out invites to an event on the 20th of May. According to the invite, it reads “Join us for a small gathering”, which some have taken to mean that it could be related to a Surface mini announcement.

Granted it could really just mean what it says, which is that the event will be small as opposed to a large scaled event, so maybe we’re getting our hopes up for nothing. At the same time there have also been earlier rumors that suggests an early 2014 launch of the Surface mini, so a May 20th event does make sense, sort of.

As a quick recap for those who haven’t been following the news, the Surface mini is rumored to be a smaller version of the Microsoft lineup for Surface tablets. It will pack a 7.5-inch display and will come with a unique 4:3 aspect ratio which means that we can look forward to a 1440×1080 resolution. This means that the design could resemble that of the iPad mini rather than that of the regular Surface tablets.

Other rumored specs includes a Qualcomm processor which means that it will run the ARM version of Windows, rather than the full version of Windows 8. This might be a deal breaker to some especially since most of the software they’re used to is already available on Windows 8, rather than have to wait for an ARM port.

In any case we’ll try not to speculate too much for now, but do check back with us on the 20th of May for the details. In the meantime how does the idea of a Surface mini sound to you guys?

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