nasa-global-selfieNASA has not stumbled across alien life just yet, but what they have revealed is also pretty interesting. Considering how our world is so obsessed with capturing selfies, so much so that front facing cameras of smartphones these days have done their bit to increase the megapixel count by a whole lot to fulfill your selfie perfection, it is not a surprise then to see that NASA themselves have revealed what they call a “global selfie“. This global selfie happens to comprise of a mosaic of over 36,000 pictures that have been uploaded to social media, where folks are able to check out people in addition to different places worldwide in order to commemorate Earth Day.


On April 22nd last month, which was Earth Day, NASA did approach folks to upload photos that are tagged with #GlobalSelfie to social media sites including the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just about every single continent, totalling 113 countries or regions, have joined this collective effort, where more than 50,000 submissions were received before the cull was made in order to deliver this so-called “global selfie”. The entire selfie weighs in at 3.2 gigapixels.

The deputy director of NASA’s Earth Science Division, Peg Luce, said, “We were overwhelmed to see people participate from so many countries. We’re very grateful that people took the time to celebrate our home planet together, and we look forward to everyone doing their part to be good stewards of our precious Earth.”

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