neptune-cochlear-implantAdvanced Bionics has just announced that they have received the nod of approval by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) for their Neptune sound processor. What makes the Neptune sound processor so special? Well, this is touted to be the first and only swimmable, waterproof cochlear implant sound processor in the world.

Such an invention was specially designed to help cochlear implant recipients hear whether they are in or out of the water. It is perfect to use when you are swimming in the ocean, or simply chilling out by a lake or river. Going swimming at the local community pool or relaxing in an onsen? It does not matter, the Neptune sound processor will be able to withstand all that you throw at it.

Those who used older products would know that they will need to enclose their processor in a bag or remove their processor whenever they swim or bathe, which would mean not hearing important safety instructions that could be vital to one’s safety during moments of emergency. The Neptune sound processor also sports the industry’s first freestyle design, where recipients can hear the world of sound with the comfort and beauty of nothing on the ear. [Press Release]

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