fitbit-force-leakEarlier this year, Fitbit recalled their Force fitness bands due to complaints over skin irritations and allergies. It should be noted that the complaints were only 1.7% of the customer base, but we guess Fitbit decided that the responsible thing to do was to issue a recall. Better safe than sorry, right? So what does this mean for the Force band? Has it been discontinued?

Well according to @evleaks, perhaps not. According to a leaked photo that he posted, it seems that Fitbit could be modifying the Fitbit Force and relaunching it as a new product. The images shows off a fitness band that looks like the Force, albeit slightly modified, and for the most part it seems that this device will be keeping the functions of the Force.

However there will be some changes made, such as Caller ID and real-time run stats. Also it will apparently be hypoallergenic which means that the wearers of the device should not be getting anymore nasty reactions to their skin, if that was an issue before. It will also reportedly be more water resistant, which we guess is a good thing since the Force wasn’t that water resistant to begin with.

No word on when this improved Fitbit Force will be launched, but assuming the leaked image is to be believed, we can expect it to be priced at $130, which is also the same price of the Force before its recall. Either way we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information.

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