project araWhen it comes to audio on our smartphones, they’re usually pretty passable, unless you’re talking about some models which features higher quality components, like the HTC One M8 for Sprint or the Lumigon T2 HD which features audio technology from the likes of Harman/Kardon and Bang & Olufsen respectively.

Some might not necessarily be able to appreciate such components, but in case you fancy yourself as an audiophile, or someone who appreciates good quality audio, then Google’s Project Ara is a device you’ll want to keep an eye out for. This is thanks to Sennheiser who has recently announced that they will be lending their expertise to the device which will see better speech functionality and audio transmission.

It is unclear if Sennheiser’s technology will be bundled together with the phone, or if it is an option that users can upgrade to. In a way you could think of Project Ara like a PC, where you can choose to either use motherboard’s sound processing technology, or you could go for a discrete sound card from companies like ASUS or Creative.

So for those who desire better audio quality, they can choose to spend a bit more to get the component for the device, if not they’re welcome to use the default audio technology built into the device. In fact it is partnerships like these which gives Project Ara a bit more desirability. Project Ara is pegged for a release in January 2015 so it looks like we still have plenty of time for other audio companies, and maybe even camera companies, to come up with innovative solutions.

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