For almost a couple of years now we have been hearing reports about Samsung’s Tizen smartphone. So far the device has been delayed multiple times and the company hasn’t actually confirmed when it will hit the market. A new report today claims that in the coming weeks Samsung is going to conduct an event in which it will finally unveil the much rumored Tizen smartphone. The device will apparently be launched in Russia and India initially.

People familiar with the matter tell the Wall Street Journal that Samsung is going to hold an event in Moscow “in the coming weeks.” Sources claim that it is going to be an “Unpacked” event, similar to the events that Samsung uses to unveil its flagships.The event is said to take place around the time of a developer conference that the Tizen Association has scheduled for early June.

Even though Samsung’s Tizen ambitions are seen as a long term plan to end reliance on Google’s Android platform it may not be feasible for the company to switch platforms abruptly. Samsung sells millions of Android based devices every quarter, and earns billions of dollars as a result, even the company would be aware that dumping Android altogether would be akin to shooting itself in the foot.

It may very well be part of a larger plan but the company has already delayed its smartphone a couple of times. Apart from that it may take some time before Tizen powered smartphones are available in most major markets, thus increasing their exposure to customers.

It may be doing the right thing by betting on an emerging market like India but at some point it will have to rival Android in established markets as well. Only then will we know just how popular Tizen becomes.

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