samsung health inviteAbout a week ago, Samsung started handing out invites to an event held on the 28th of May. The event appeared to be health-related, according to the invite’s description, which had some wondering if Samsung could be getting ready to launch new products, like wearables, software, and so on.

Well wonder no more, because Samsung has since confirmed that the May 28th event will not feature new products. This is according to Samsung’s VP, Stefan Heuser, in a statement released to Re/code. Instead, it seems that can look forward to hardware components, whose applications could be extended to consumer products.

As we’re sure many of you guys are aware, Samsung does not only make mobile phones. The company also makes home electronics like televisions, and white goods, such as refrigerators, microwaves, and so on. They also manufacture components, like display panels, storage, chipsets, and so on, and it is division responsible for said components that will be hosting the event.

Apart from denying that it will be a product-based event, Samsung has remained tight-lipped as to what we might be able to expect from them, although the possibilities have since been narrowed down. Earlier it was speculated that this event could be Samsung’s way of preempting Apple’s WWDC plans, which could see the announcement of iOS 8 and health-related apps.

Either way we’re curious as to what Samsung could be up to, so check back with us on the 28th of May for the details.

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