ps4-brickThe Sony PlayStation 4 has been in the market for a little over half a year now and according to reports, it seems that the console has already become profitable for the company. This is obviously good news for Sony and last we checked, they have managed to sell over 7 million units of the console so far, but what’s in store for Sony for the future?


Well according to Sony’s latest financials, it seems that they are expecting that come April 2015, they are expecting to have sold 17 million PlayStation consoles by then. Yup, Sony is that confident that from now until April 2015, they will be able to move a whopping 10 million consoles. Given that it took Sony about half a year to sell 7 million PS4 units, it could actually be possible, especially with the PS3 still being a pretty popular choice.

Not to mention that with more games being released, and with possible hardware improvements (such as a slimmer profile), the PS4 console could become more desired as time goes on. However at the same time we wonder if Sony might have taken the Microsoft Xbox One into consideration. While Xbox One sales aren’t exactly standing toe-to-toe with the PS4 at the moment, recent changes could turn things around.

One of the advantages of the PS4 was that it was cheaper than the Xbox One at $399 versus $499 respectively. However Microsoft recently made the Kinect accessory optional, thus bringing the price of the Xbox One down to $399, putting it on par with the PS4 in terms of price. Customers who are price sensitive will now have another option to choose from. It might be too early to well, but we guess we’ll just have to wait for future financial reports from either side to see how their plans are working out for them.

What do you guys think? Will Sony be able to achieve their goal of 17 million PlayStation consoles sold by 2015? Or do you think the new Xbox One’s price could rain on Sony’s parade?

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