surface-2-review--023Many had expected Microsoft to announce the Surface Mini at their event on the 20th of May, but unfortunately that did not happen. However it turns out that Microsoft actually pulled the plug on the announcement at the very last minute. Apparently they felt that the Surface Mini wasn’t special enough to distinguish itself from the competition.

So what do this mean? Is it cancelled for good? Well if you’re still holding out for a Surface Mini, new rumors have surfaced which suggests that Microsoft has possibly thousands of Surface Minis in stock, all built and ready to go, except that they’re holding off on the launch until the touch version of Microsoft Office is good to go.

The report from Neowin states that the reason why only a small batch of Surface Minis have been created was because Microsoft is trying to work out the kinks in the manufacturing process. Also we had heard rumors that one of the reasons why Office for iPad was delayed was because Microsoft had apparently wanted the Windows 8 version to launch first, but we guess those plans had changed along the way.

We’re not sure if Office for the Surface Mini is enough to differentiate it from the competition, since it would essentially be the same thing on the iPad mini, but either way take it with a grain of salt for now, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the ever elusive Surface Mini tablet.

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