While smartphones with large displays look good for watching movies, viewing photos, surfing the web, and playing games on, the downside is that if you have small hands, then trying to use the phone with one hand can be a problem. Imagine having small hands and trying to reach to the other end of the screen but you are unable to do so; it can get pretty frustrating.

That being said, the folks at Thanko have come up with a rather unique and novel solution – a thumb stylus. As you can see in the image above, the thumb stylus is a prosthetic that you can fit onto your thumb that will extend your reach by as much as 15mm.

Also given that the prosthetic is a stylus, it will let you interact with your phone using one hand. The device itself weighs around 11 grams and is made from silicon. It is also priced around $15 and while it does look a bit silly, we reckon that unlike other accessories which seems more novel than functional, the opposite could be true in the case of the thumb stylus.

Unfortunately it looks like the device is only available in Japan, but we figure that there could be a way for you to get your hands on it if you really wanted it. What say you? Is this thumb stylus a great idea or what?

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