glass-painSo you have a cool $1,500 to throw on a pair of Google Glass, and cannot stop raving about how much higher on the geek scale you rank while wearing a pair of these bad boys around, never mind that some establishments are against the use of Google Glass due to privacy concerns. Well, all does not seem to be all OK with Google Glass, as there have been reported issues concerning pain after prolonged use of the wearable device, with majority of the issues happening to those who are not used to looking upward majority of the time.

Google has since put Dr. Eli Peli, a Harvard trained optometrist, on their payroll, in order to consult with them concerning any gnawing issues that involve the eyes and Google Glass. Should Google place the lens ahead of, or below the eyes, it will prove to be an obstruction to the line of view for Google Glass owners, but the upper right hand placement will offers Glass users an unobstructed view, although there is the drawback of possible eye pain.

This means Google Glass is meant for users to just take quick glances and not prolonged stares, although for those who are new to it, they would most probably have a prolonged staring session – who wouldn’t? Short of a headache but best described as “discomfort in the eye muscles”, it would take approximately one week to a fortnight of Glass use before the eyes adjust themselves and the pain goes away. Perhaps Google ought to include some warning with the device?

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