ibeacon virgin atlanticiBeacon has been gaining quite a bit of popularity these days and we have seen it used in a variety of situations, with the latest being a pub crawl that uses iBeacon to reward patrons with drinks, food, achievements, and so on. Well the next time you fly Virgin Atlantic to and from London’s Heathrow airport, expect to look forward to a more personalized experience, thanks to the installation of iBeacon technology.

So how does this work? Well for example passengers who fly Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class will have their boarding passes load automatically on their screens when approaching a security check point. This will save passengers and security a lot of time since it will be displayed on their devices, as opposed to having to dig through their bags or look through their phone for it.

There will also promotions tied in with iBeacon, such as when walking past a Moneycorp currency exchange counter, those who have iBeacon enabled will be able to get a better rate on money exchanges compared to regular passengers.

According to Virgin Atlantic’s customer engagement executive, Reuben Arnold, “In the future, we expect it to further personalize our passenger’s journey, such as notifying an Upper Class passenger that there is an open appointment in the Clubhouse spa or introducing the crew members on their flight as they board the aircraft.”

At the rate that iBeacon is being adopted by all sorts of businesses and services, it seems that it could eventually become an industry standard down the road, but what do you guys think? Or do you find it a bit too invasive?

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