Its certainly not unusual to see Microsoft release special edition controllers for its Xbox consoles. The company tied one special edition controller to the new Tomb Raider game last year. Not only does it sell more controllers but they also serve as a great way of generating publicity for a game. The company has now announced yet another special edition controller for the Xbox 360 but this one is not tied to a game. However, it is “inspired by snow-covered elements.”

It has an “arctic camouflage” art design with colors that mimic snow-covered environments. In the description Microsoft says that this controller is “designed for covert operation.” That’s certainly an odd tagline given we’re heading into the summer months where there isn’t any snow in which the controller can blend in. Perhaps Microsoft wanted to give gamers an impression of being in a cool environment during the summer, but that’s just mindless speculation.

Kidding aside, Microsoft was more likely pointing towards the transforming D-pad that switches from plus to disc for “greater precision in both directional and sweeping movements.” This special edition wireless controller has a 30-foot range. The company hasn’t revealed exactly when it will be release. $54.99 plus tax is the price listed on the website which still says that the Xbox 360 arctic camouflage controller is “coming soon.”

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