mario.kart.8.s0It turns out that a lot of gamers were waiting for Mario Kart 8 because according to the recent figures shared by Nintendo through the company’s 74th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, it turns out that the game has managed to sell 2 million copies around the world since its release last month.


Mario Kart 8 also holds the title has being the fastest selling Wii U game in the console’s history. In fact the game had managed to help boost the sale of Wii U consoles over in Japan, although recent figures have suggested that the hype and excitement over the game might have died down a bit, as Wii U sales figures have returned to “normal”.

The game has been met with generally favorable reviews as it introduces new graphics, new maps, and a bit of new play styles as well due to some of the new features. However will it be enough to help keep interest in the Wii U alive? Well we guess that remains to be seen, but Nintendo has been known for their first-party titles and with Zelda for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. on the horizon, we guess there will be enough titles to get gamers interested.

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