It was first rumored a few months back that Google was working on a new TV offering. Since Google TV turned out to be a flop most of us had wondered if the company would try its hand again at taking over our living rooms. Android TV is the new poster child for that movement. Unveiled today, the new platform is actually quite different from its predecessor. For one, its more visually appealing, and ties in Google’s power of search with entertainment. Not only will Android TV powered set-top boxes hit the market, it has also been confirmed that smart TVs destined for next year will have the platform baked in.

Razer already announced today that it is going to release a new ‘micro-console’ this fall which will be powered by Android TV and will focus extensively on gaming. The platform’s entertainment features will be present as well. Other hardware partners are set to produce set-top boxes and media streamers of their own.

Evidently Google hasn’t lost all hope in smart TVs as yet. The company confirmed that next year smart TVs released by Sharp, TP Vision / Philips and Sony will come with Android TV. All of Sony’s 4K and smart TVs are said to be powered by this new platform. Around the world other manufacturers will do the same, with SFR in France and LG U+ in Korea launching Android TV powered smart TVs.

It will be a while though before we’re able to see any of those TVs. Seeing as how they’re destined for next year we’ll most likely get a good look at them come CES 2015, the annual mammoth industry trade show takes place in January.

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