implant-appetiteFor some of us, making sure we remain slim and trim is not too difficult, thanks to how we were conditioned in our younger years to live a life of discipline, in addition to being blessed with a high metabolic rate. Others, however, find it difficult to refrain from eating, and eventually that leads to a whole lot of health issues, obesity included. If you have tried all else and failed in the battle of the bulge, perhaps there is hope in a new appetite curbing implant that will simulate one’s nerves to help you lose weight.

This unique implant is closer to gaining the nod of approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, where should it be approved, it will target the severely obese adults who have tried everything else but failed to shed some pounds, and yet do not want or are unable to go through weight-loss surgery.

EnteroMedics Inc. is the one behind this appetite curbing implant that sends electrical signals to nerves around the stomach which do its bit in controlling digestion. The signals sent out will block such nerves, resulting in a decrease in hunger pangs so that the person feels full even without eating much. Sounds like a dream to those who are at their wits’ end when it comes to losing weight! Hopefully the procedure to have this implant would not be too costly nor risky.

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