drone-banThe use of drones by the masses have certainly raised its fair share of concern by certain quarters – and the FAA has even gone ahead to ban the use of drones when it comes to deliveries. It looks like the Amazon Prime Air program would find it pretty difficult to get off the ground, at least at this moment in time. Other than delivering pizzas (at least this mode of delivery has yet to be banned in Russia), what other kinds of use do you think drones would come in handy? Peeping Toms might be a potential group, come to think of it. A lady in Seattle found a drone hovering right outside her apartment window which prompted her to call the police, but since there was nothing illegal about it hovering in mid-air, it could very well have been shooting a nearby construction site.

Miss Pleiss, living it up on the 26th floor, was not too convinced of that argument, as the drone which was allegedly decked out in camera gear left the scene before police officers arrived. Seattle police spokesman Drew Fowler shared, “There really aren’t any specific laws to the UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] other than not being dangerous.This is a new issue and I’m sure our lawmakers will provide guidance soon.”

Apparently, now that the dust has settled, it has been discovered that the drone’s owner happens to be Skyris Imaging, a Portland-based company that was performing photography related work to a future apartment building. Hopefully new laws will be drawn up soon that will regulate the use of drones in a mature manner, in order to prevent any potential Peeping Tom incidents.

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