bae systemsOne of the perks of flying first class is that unlike economy class, you won’t be squashed next to other passengers. Your chairs are usually spacious enough, and you can lean all the way back without worrying that you might hit someone in the knee. There are also more creature comforts compared to economy class, but it seems like that could soon be changing.

BAE Systems, a company that provides cabin systems for planes like the Boeing 777 has announced their IntelliCabin aircraft cabin system. What makes this particular system interesting is that it will allow some creature comforts enjoyed by those in first and business class to be brought over to economy class.

This does not mean that economy passengers can look forward to larger seats. Instead what the IntellICabin system will offer is integrated in-seat power, LED lighting, dimmable windows, and wireless tablet-based in-flight entertainment systems. Passengers will also be able to adjust temperature and light settings to their comfort.

According to Jared Shoemaker, the director of cabin systems at BAE Systems, “Flying can be stressful at times, especially when there are differing time zones at play or a long haul flight to contend with. We set ourselves the task of designing new technology that could provide the ultimate flying experience for passengers and crew from keeping you connected to helping ease the transition from one environment to the next.”

The company hopes that its system will start making its way into planes starting in 2015.

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