dicebotThere are apps on your smartphone that allows you to generate numbers randomly. This can be used when trying to make a decision, or in roleplaying games, or if you just want to gamble. However if you’d prefer the novelty of a robot rolling a pair of dice for you, you might be interested in checking out the Dicebot.

The Dicebot was created by Intridia, an online and mobile application developer. What the bot does is that it actually rolls dice for you in real time, after which it will tweet a photo of the results which you can then use to check the results. Like we said there are probably much more convenient and less convoluted ways to do this, but there is a certain novelty factor that makes it so much more entertaining.

How the Dicebot works is that it is based on modifying a dice game that was made back in 1920s. The machine, back then, had a spinner that helped to tumble the dice around the container. However with the Dicebot, the folks at Intridia added a motor to the spinner and connected it with a Raspberry Pi controller.

A custom piece of software was then created to read the dice correctly and to snap a photo before posting it onto twitter. It’s a fun idea and if you’d like to take it for a spin, you can head on over to the Dicebot’s website and take it for a spin (or roll?).

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