forceshoeGoing to space does require a fair amount of investment, regardless of whether it is a private outfit or a country. NASA did announce the ForceShoe recently, where the ForceShoe was specially designed by XSENS, a 3D motion tracking company. What does the ForceShoe offer? It is capable of tracking pressure in gravity as well as zero-gravity environments, helping scientists to analyze astronauts’ performance whenever they are involved in weight-bearing exercises.


After all, our bodies, bones, muscles, sinews and all, have been specially conditioned to work in Earth-like gravity conditions. This means spending extended periods of time spent in space would eventually end up in the loss of bone-density and muscle strength. In order to counter such degradation, weight-bearing exercises need to be conducted, but they happen to be difficult to do in space, which is why exercise machines that feature vacuum cylinders have been developed in order to help astronauts manage the effects of time spent in zero-g environments.

The ForceShoe sandals will be able to collect data on astronauts’ workout behavior, not only when they are on Earth, but also when they are on a space mission, as it picks up the nuances and differences between such environments, helping NASA to come up with better exercises and equipment.

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