roger-federer-google-glassBeing an early adopter is definitely a mixed bag of emotions. Sure, you will have your moments among the rest of your friends when you show off the latest gizmo or gadget, but what happens when displaying a little bit of restraint and patience would help you net a whole lot more value down the road? There has been precedents in the past, such as Microsoft not rewarding early Xbox One adopters who forked out more, or being disappointed after bringing home the Notion Ink Adam tablet. Well, word has it that Google has updated their Google Glass hardware to include 2GB RAM, which would mean that there are some of those early adopters of the Glass Explorer Program who will remain stuck with just 1GB RAM.


This has definitely ruffled the feathers of some who are using the 1GB RAM Google Glass, with some owners obviously raising questions about a free upgrade to the 2GB model, while others who aren’t so bold would suggest taking the route of forking out a wee bit more in order to obtain an upgrade. Of course, all of this can be avoided if a final consumer version were to be released right away, so that everyone who picks one up will have no worries about whether this model they own will be superseded by another one with better specs in the near future at the same price point.

If I am not mistaken, Google does make it compulsory for Google Glass to install OTA (Over The Air) updates without any option for refusal. This could pose a problem if some of the updates fail to deliver a better user experience. Does this incident cause you to reconsider a future position of being an early adopter?

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