glass-at-workWe do know that museums are serious places to be in, and anyone who runs around like a headless chicken while making plenty of noise, treating it like some sort of hide-and-seek place is anathema. In the past, we have seen how museums try to keep up with the times despite housing extremely ancient exhibits, such as using a Nintendo 3DS as a museum guide, and this time around, technology might play a role still at museums, with Google Glass coming into the picture.

GuidiGO has recently announced that they will be working alongside museums worldwide in order to deliver virtual tours that have been specially optimized for Google Glass. This partnership did not sprout up overnight, as it happens to be a result of Google’s Glass at Work program, where companies are certified to churn out Glass apps which target businesses specifically. GuidiGO is one of the first five companies to be picked for this particular program.

Basically, anyone who owns a pair of Google Glass are able to make use of the app, in the same way as that of an audio tour. All that you need to do is to say “start tour”, and you’re good to go. The Glass app will rely on image recognition in order to identify the different works of art alongside the accompanying exhibits automatically, retrieving and displaying relevant information right there on the spot.

The onus remains on individual museums to actually sign up for one of the company’s licensing options should they want to include Glass-assisted tours as part of their repertoire. It would definitely add a little bit of zest to what some deem to be a boring outing, right? If you do not have Google Glass, you can still give the iOS and Android tours a go.

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