xbox360salestopsWe’re sure many gamers are wondering why are developers and publishers still supporting last-gen consoles like the Xbox 360? Shouldn’t they be focusing on churning out new games for the Xbox One? More importantly, why is Microsoft allowing this? This question is understandable, especially if you were one of the early adopters who bought the Xbox One at $499, but Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has decided to defend the company’s last-gen console.


According to Spencer, there are still millions and millions of players still playing the Xbox 360. Not to mention there are gamers who bought the console a year and a half ago and are still trying to get as much use out of it as possible. “If you bought your Xbox 360 a year and a half ago, I think we have an obligation there.”

He adds that he expects Microsoft to continue selling millions more Xbox 360s before its generation is done, and that Microsoft has a commitment to gamers who bought an Xbox 360, because if you’re going to spend money on the console, Microsoft will make sure that there is content for it.

However Spencer does admit that they should be focusing on the new generation of consoles. “It’s an investment in the new generation of consoles, not every game is going to go to 360, but I want to make sure the 360 has a healthy line-up of software from us and from third parties,” he says. What do you guys think? Do you agree with Spencer’s line of thinking?

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