honda-wireless-charging-evElectric cars like those from Tesla could be the future of the automobile, but until majority of the infrastructure in cities and the suburbs have been modified to include electric vehicle charging, seeing one of the road is not going to be as common as you might think it would be. Engineers over at Honda Motor of Japan are currently developing an electric vehicle which is touted to be able to drive itself into a home carport whenever it detects that its battery level has dropped to a predetermined amount, allowing it to be juiced up sans wires from there.

Basically, whenever you drive the Honda EV home and stop, getting out of the car, your smartphone will then be used to instruct the electric vehicle so that it will drive itself into the carport for a wireless recharging session, ensuring that you would have a fully recharged ride ready and waiting for you the next morning. The Honda EV is capable of pinpointing the exact location of the carport located a map in its computer.

There will be a bunch of cameras that will be installed on the EV as well as at the house so that they will all work in tandem to make sure the Honda EV will be able to avoid obstacles.

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