lg-77EC980V-1While England might have been knocked out of the World Cup in a rather unexpected manner, this does not mean those of you living in the UK have no more reason to continue watching the rest of the tournament as it enters the round of last 16. Why not do so with a really big telly in your living room? LG will be a bit late to the game though (pun not intended here) as they will only introduce their 77” and 65” LG ULTRA HD 4K OLED TVs later this October in the UK.


Right now, it seems that the huge curved OLED TV market segment is being touted by Samsung and LG, or at least their marketing department has been doing a great job in pushing their respective products to the masses. Regardless of which screen size you choose, it will still arrive with a potent combination of ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION 4K and OLED technologies to deliver the ultimate viewing experience. The 77” (77EC980V) and 65” (65EC970V) ULTRA HD 4K OLED TVs offer 4K screen resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), with automatically controlled color temperature for individual pixels thanks to the LG Colour Refiner, resulting in superior consistency and balance.

Not only that, your eyes will definitely appreciate the infinite contrast ratio that is carefully managed by LG’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) algorithm. There is also the option to settle for other high resolution viewing options, thanks to LG’s very own True 4K Engine Pro that is able to upscale SD, HD or Full HD content into breathtaking near-4K picture quality. Being able to decode broadcast signals in both H.264 and HEVC H.265 formats (at 30p or 60p) also makes this future-proof.

Of course, such luxury does not come cheap, with the 77” model retailing for a whopping £19,999, while the 65” model is a whole lot more affordable (relatively speaking) at £5,999 a pop.

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