lg-vu3-1-540x354When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note series a few years ago, LG decided to respond in kind later by announcing the LG Vu series of Android phablets. However the device did not exactly take off in the same way the Galaxy Note did, which we’re guessing might have to do with the odd shape which felt more square-ish than a smartphone should be like.

That being said, it seems that LG could soon be replacing the Vu lineup with the LG G Stylus lineup. This is according to the ever-reliable @evleaks who claims that will be the case. Unfortunately not much is known about the LG G Stylus lineup as it stands, but based on its name, presumably it will come bundled with a stylus which is pretty much standard fare with Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.

There’s also no word on when LG will announce the LG G Stylus lineup, but given that the LG Vu 3 was last announced in September 2013, we’re guessing that if and when LG were to announce the LG G Stylus, it could be roughly around that time as well. That and the fact that IFA 2014 will also taking place around that time will give LG a good opportunity to announce something new.

In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? What will the LG G Stylus have that will differentiate it from the competition, and possibly the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

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