We were constantly hearing rumors about this smartphone and it has finally been unveiled by the Chinese manufacturer. Oppo too has jumped on the “mini” bandwagon by launching a toned down variant of its flagship N1 smartphone. Called the Oppo N1 Mini, this smartphone really does try to push the “mini” boundaries with a 5-inch display and the exact same camera found on its high-end sibling.

While the Oppo N1 has a massive 5.9-inch display this one has a much more modest 5-inch LCD. The company has toned down the battery somewhat, bringing it from 3,610mAh to 2,140mAh. Its unclear exactly what power package this device is using so there’s no estimate as yet for the battery life. Do keep in mind though that it does have 4G LTE, which can be hard on the battery.

One feature that it directly borrows from the Oppo N1 is the swiveling 13-megapixel camera. Since it swivels there’s no need for putting dual cameras on this smartphone. The 13-megapixel shooter can be adjusted to the user’s requirements. If you’re someone who likes to take a lot of selfies then this smartphone is probably the best of the pack.

Its going to start shipping in China come June 11th. It ships with Oppo’s own ColorOS which is based on Android. The company hasn’t given any indication if and when an international release is going to take place.

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