peltyNow this is one literally hot speaker – the Pelty speaker that is powered by one of the primal elements, fire. Yup, you read that right, pyromaniacs would definitely love to fork out £160 for the Pelty speaker in order to see how it works, where you can keep this going even in the event of a power cut. After all, you need candles to light up your surroundings, right? So why not use the flame from your candle to keep the Pelty speaker going as it pumps out your favorite tunes for the rest of the household to rock to in pitch black darkness?

Why Pelty in the first place? Well, it picked up its name from the ‘Peltier effect’, which is an instance when voltage is created on a device with contrasting temperatures. The system will hook up to a music player within a matter of seconds after lighting a candle, and according to the Pelty speaker’s designers, a standard issue candle ought to be able to provide enough juice for up to 5 hours, and the system’s loudness, just in case you were concerned about the lack of volume level, can be compared to other docking stations out there. I would need to listen to it myself before making any judgments concerning this though.

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