nvidia-tegra-k1-Tango-Tablet_blkGoogle’s Project Tango does seem to be coming along pretty nicely, with the latest announcement of a 7” tablet targeting developers out there. Using the Project Tango Tablet Development Kit, developers will be able to start churning out apps for the device, where this development kit was created in a close partnership with NVIDIA, where the included new Tegra K1 mobile processor will help realize a platform that has been specially designed for computer vision and 3D sensing. With the Project Tango Tablet Development Kit, developers are capable of programming apps which have the ability to track full 3-dimensional motion and capture surfaces in the environment.


For those who are interested as well as having fulfilled the criteria for a Project Tango Tablet Developer’s Kit, you will be white-listed and be in the running to pick up the device for a cool $1,024 (got to love the binary reference there) from Google Play later this month. As for developers who happen to attend Google I/O, you will be given first dibs to pick up the device. This is one of those moments where being the early bird has its privileges, right? Project Tango has certainly come some way since its February announcement earlier this year, don’t you think so?

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