gs5-gpeThe past does function as a pretty good indicator of what is to come in the future, and the same can be said about smartphones, too. We have seen the Samsung Galaxy S4 feature a Google Play Edition before (with various software updates arriving from time to time in order to make it keep up with the rest of the proverbial Joneses), and now, here is an alleged image of a possible Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition.

Do take what you see on the right with a pinch of salt, as both Samsung as well as Google have yet to provide confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition is actually a real product that is ready to rock and roll soon. Still, it does have some credibility in terms of its existence, where if the image on the right is the real deal, then it does seem to arrive in a shade of gold.

This does not mean that we should not expect it to arrive in different colors such as black, white, or blue though. In terms of the hardware specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition would seem to be similar to the vanilla Samsung Galaxy S5, save for the very real possibility of it being sold as an unlocked device with a stock Android experience right out of the box to keep in line with the ‘theme’ of previous Google Play Edition devices.

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