sharp_plant_wrexham_Image_Sharp_Corporation_23f83a31fa (1)Apple’s products are always in demand, and not just by end users, but by the people who manufacture them. This is because Apple products, for the most part, tend to sell very well, so companies who have been tasked to assemble or manufacture components know that they will be in for a lot of business if they can land a deal with Apple.


That being said, exactly how dedicated are some of these companies to Apple and their products? Well in a recent interview with Nikkei, Sharp’s Senior Executive Managing Officer, Norikazu Hoshi revealed that the Japanese company had an entire plant that was dedicated to producing LCD panels for some of Apple’s products.

One would think that this means huge business, right? Well Hoshi does not appear to be too enthused at the idea and actually thinks that it represents risk. In the interview he was quoted as saying, “The No. 1 plant’s output goes to just one company (Apple). If you look at just this plant, it certainly presents a high level of volatility risk. But if we make LCD panels for smartphones in large quantities at the No. 2 plant, we can absorb the impact even when the No. 1 plant is not doing so well.”

He goes on to state that the No. 1 plant isn’t as efficient as the company’s No. 2 plant. Apparently the first plant is dedicated to sixth-gen glass substrate, while the second plant deals with eighth-generation glass substrate. This means that the second plant is able to produce twice the amount of LCD panels from a single glass substrate compared to the first plant, making it a lot more efficient.

Sharp isn’t the only company responsible for producing displays for Apple’s products. Other companies involved includes Japan Display and South Korean tech giants, Samsung and LG, just to name a few.

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