swear-in-ereaderWe have seen our fair share of e-readers in the past, and this particular niche of mobile devices certainly seem to have a slower rate of development compared to the different mobile markets. Having said that, one would not find huge leaps in technology made for the e-reader market, which begs the question, are e-readers really all that they are hyped up to be, and do they still have a place in the new world? Apparently so in select events, as Suzi LeVine, the new American ambassador to Sweden and Liechtenstein, can testify. LeVine was sworn in via an oath on an e-reader, now how about that?

Doing so on an e-reader has made LeVine be the first United States ambassador to do so. The ceremony has been adapted to keep up with the times by introducing a more contemporary element in the proceedings.

LeVine happens to have quite a padded CV, where she used to be an intern with NASA in the past, having concocted a couple of non-profit organizations before, while wearing her hat as a Microsoft executive in the past. Not only that, considering how Levine happens to be an avid Twitter user, it is then truly fitting to see her sworn into office with an e-reader, not to mention having the device’s page pointing to the 19th Amendment, an act that enables women to vote.

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