Amazon isn’t the only company that makes e-readers but its Kindle devices have long dominated the market. Kobo makes similar devices and its latest product has some neat features that haven’t arrived in a Kindle yet. It’s a big e-reader with a 7.8 inch display and it happens to be waterproof. It has that capability despite being thin and light, attributes that are very important particularly in e-readers.

It’s called the Kobo Aura One and it’s capable of being submerged in up to 2 meters of water for up to one full hour. You no longer have to worry about dropping the e-reader in the pool because you can actually take it in the pool with you.


Kobo has said that the large size helps replicate the experience of holding a hardcover book. It also has a neat little feature to make night reading more comfortable. The Aura One can detect ambient light and adjust brightness accordingly. Users can even set a bed time and the display will automatically hue to yellow as the sun goes down.

This new e-reader is integrated with OverDrive, a book lending service, which enables users to borrow books from their local library. With all of these features it’s still cheaper than Amazon’s flagship $290 Kindle Oasis. The Kobo Aura One costs $230 and will be available on September 6th.

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