(Female Figure) 2014, an animatronic robot from Jordan Wolfson is capable of performing a dance right in front of a full length mirror all the while looking to make eye contact with the spectator. Of course, as you can view in the video above, it does not help to have that creepy looking mask attached to the robot’s face, too. The blonde hair works, but unless the robot has something that covers up its shoulders, the exposed joints surely make it look less than human right from the get go, although the dance and its gait is pretty realistic.


(Female Figure) 2014 has been picked by curators Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach to be an epilogue to the Live Art exhibition 14 Rooms, which is currently running alongside the Art Basel art fair this year – held in Basel, Switzerland. Jordan Wolfson, a New York native, has previously worked across a wide range of media that include the likes of installation, sculpture, video, and performance.

Does this particular performance of (Female Figure) 2014 creep you out? After all, there are instance of robots looking more and more realistic than ever before, and this trend dos not look as though it is going to stop anytime soon.

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