blackberry-passport-classic-pricing-710x434Given just how much BlackBerry is promoting the BlackBerry Passport, such as expounding on its display and its gesture-based keyboard, it’s safe to say that the Canadian company is really hoping that the device will take off in a big way. We have to admit that while the 1:1 display aspect ratio is a little weird, it looks like an interesting device.

Having physical keys does make typing more comfortable, but at the same time introducing gestures will help speed up the process at the same time – needless to say we’re intrigued. Now the next question is when will the BlackBerry Passport launch, and how much does BlackBerry plan on charging for it?

While a specific release date still eludes us, Swedish online retailer Confidence Business has priced the BlackBerry Passport at 6,499 SEK, which when converted is roughly $955. Ouch. They have also priced the BlackBerry Classic at 5,499 SEK which is around $806. We know what you’re thinking and you can relax, because chances are BlackBerry won’t be using direct conversions to price its devices.

It should also be noted that the devices priced are unlocked, meaning that they won’t be subsidized by carriers. We should also note that BlackBerry has yet to announce anything official so there is a chance that the retailer could simply be guessing its prices. In any case it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that the Passport could be given a flagship price tag, but what do you guys think? What’s the max you’re willing to pay for it?

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