flight-simulatorIt looks like fans of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series in the past and until the present will be pleased as punch to hear that the Flight Simulator series will be on its way to an actual title, with the game hitting Steam for the first time when complete. This is made possible thanks to Dovetail Games who has licensed the rights to the Flight Simulator series from Microsoft, and the development team is investigating new concepts at the moment, hoping to roll out a workable version some time next year, calling it Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition.

As for the release on Valve’s Steam platform, it will be called the Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, where it will comprise of the Deluxe Edition release and the Acceleration Expansion Pack.

I am quite sure that many of us out there do have fond memories of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series of PC games in the past. It must be noted that the Flight Simulator series from Microsoft officially arrived at the end of the road in 2009 when the studio behind the game series was shut down, but as recently as in early 2012, we received word that Microsoft’s Flight Simulator would be made available for free when spring hit during that year, although the title would have received a name change, where it was then known as Microsoft Flight instead. Unfortunately, a few short months after that, Microsoft Flight lost its proverbial wings as the development team was disbanded.

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