faa-amazon-droneDrones can be pretty useful at times, especially when one needs to capture large swathes of a particular land area, Martha Stewart’s farm included. This would also place the drone to be in an ideal position of looking for lost persons or a missing vehicle, and that is exactly what happened when a model drone successfully assisted in the search for an elderly man in Wisconsin. This elderly gentleman went missing for three days before he was found.

In fact, the search effort did see the use of tracking dogs as well as helicopters and volunteers who went around the countryside in Fitchburg, in the quest to look for a certain Guillermo DeVenecia. Alzheimer-stricken Mr. DeVenecia was found after the drone’s operator combed through the area for 20 minutes.

This is a unique situation that might actually place some pressure when it comes to U.S. rules concerning the limitations of drone use where search and rescue operations are concerned. This is definitely one of the more positive and heart warming stories that concerns a drone, don’t you think so?

David Lesh was the owner of the drone, and he used to send his drone out to shoot videos for his skiing and snowboarding business that is based in Colorado. It so happened that Mr. Lesh dropped by Fitchburg as he paid a visit to his girlfriend’s family.

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