facebook mentionsHeads up folks, it looks like Facebook has released a new app called Mentions, but there is a chance that you won’t be able to use it. Why is that? Well apparently the app is targeted at celebrities, or famous individuals who have verified Facebook accounts, i.e. official celebrity-owned Facebook pages and so on.

Why would anyone need such an app? Well some of the features of the app includes the ability to comb through a Twitter-like stream of posts that reference them or are about trending topics that could be of interest to them, which they can then use to repost on their Facebook accounts as a way of keeping their fans engaged.

For example George Takei’s Facebook account is probably one of the most popular Facebook pages around, and he is constantly sharing posts that are trending at the moment, so through the Mentions app, celebrities will be able to keep on top of things that concern them or might be worth sharing with their followers.

There also seems to be an option of holding a live Q&A session with fans, kind of like Reddit’s AMA. As it stands it seems to be limited to verified accounts in the US, so for celebrities overseas, we guess you guys will just have to wait! It should be noted that the app is only open to individuals, not brands/companies.

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