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Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Its overall userbase crossed the one billion milestone a few months back. The social network can be accessed using a desktop as well as many of its mobile applications. Latest figures from the company itself show that majority of its users are now using mobile devices to log into Facebook. The company revealed that Facebook now has nearly 400 million mobile-only users, meaning that this massive amount of users only login using a mobile device.


This means that approximately 30 percent of Facebook’s 1.3 billion strong userbase now relies on mobile. If you were to look at the people who use mobile as well as desktop to access the network, then in any given one more than a billion users sign onto Facebook using a mobile device.

Facebook noticed a significant rise in the number of mobile-only accounts from last quarter. In the second quarter of this year Facebook brought in 58 million mobile-only accounts while adding 41 million overall users and 62 million mobile users. The numbers clearly show that majority of the users are shifting away from Facebook’s desktop services.

Facebook saw the bulk of its overall growth outside the U.S., Canada and Europe, which would explain the increase in mobile-only users. The company also revealed that an average Facebook user in the U.S. spends about 40 minutes a day on the social network.

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