yahoo flickrWhile some of us use photo hosting services like Flickr just as a means to backup our photos or provide a gallery in which we can share with friends and family, there are some out there who use it for professional purposes where they can display their portfolio. Well if you’re a photographer looking to make some money from their photos, you might be interested to learn that Flickr has recently announced a new program called Curated Connections.

The idea here is to allow photographers to license out their photos to websites, photo agencies, editors, and even on Flickr or Yahoo’s own websites. In fact it seems that if you are good enough, Flickr will also try and hook you up with individual photo assignments from different clients who are looking for a specific image.

Unfortunately Flickr did not offer up many details about their new program, except that those who have been chosen can expect to receive a message from Flickr’s curators via Flickr Mail. Licensing out photos is definitely not new and Flickr isn’t the first to offer up such a service.

There are also other websites like 500px and DeviantArt where photographers can make money by licensing out their photos or by selling them as prints, but if you’re an avid Flickr user, perhaps this might be of interest to you.

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