Are you interested in Google Glass but would like to have the opportunity to try one before you buy one? After all it is a $1,500 investment which is quite steep for a wearable device. Google has been slowly expanding its Glass platform and after opening up sales of the Explorer Edition to the general public it is now offering free Google Glass trials in select cities.

CNET reports today that Google has sent out emails to prospective Glass buyers inviting them to its offices in either San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York so that they can try a Glass unit. “Sit down with a Glass Guide, take in the view and see what Glass is really like,” the email reads.

Those who do receive an email will have to schedule an appointment at one of the three aforementioned offices. They will be allowed to bring along one guest for the trial who must be over the age of 13.

Google has improved Glass by adding more memory and increasing the battery capacity notwithstanding the fact that the app cache has substantially grown as well. But for some this doesn’t justify the $1,500 price tag. Rumor has it that once Google goes for a full blown commercial launch Glass wouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars but who knows when that is going to happen.

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