google-play-logo-630x399For a while, in-app purchases were the bane of every parents’ life. This is because with the old system, all you’d need to do is enter your iTunes password once, and you could go on a shopping spree, which has resulted in parents receiving credit card bills worth thousands of dollars.

Apple has since made some changes due to pressure from the FCC, and some of those changes include labeling apps that have in-app purchases. Well it looks like over in Europe, Google has announced that they would be making some changes regarding in-app purchases as well.

The Mountain View company has announced that they will no longer be labeling apps as “free” for games that require in-app purchases. They will also be coming up with targeted guidelines for games to discourage children to make in-app purchases. These changes are expected to be made by the end of September.

While Google has readily complied with EU laws, we’re not sure if they will be making those changes in the US. However as we had previously reported, Apple had pointed the FTC towards Google’s direction regarding in-app purchases, so perhaps we could be seeing some changes being made in the US as well. In the meantime what do you guys think of Google’s new strategy?

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