hackingVisiting adult websites is a pretty common occurrence but the next time you are thinking about visiting Japanese adult websites, you might want to rethink that. This is because according to a recent report by ESET, it seems that cyber criminals have devised malware that will affect computers who visit Japanese adult websites.


According to the report, the malware seems to target users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. This isn’t to say that other browsers are secure, but for now most of the attacks seem to be affecting Internet Explorer browser users. Upon visiting the compromised website, visitors will be directed to an exploit page that will take advantage of a vulnerability in Java.

From there, the exploit will be used by the criminals to glean back account information of the visitor. However what’s interesting is that unlike other hacks that might use a variety of attacks to try and find one that works, this particular hack seems to be relying on a single exploit, which has us thinking that the hackers probably know what they’re doing.

The page that redirects the user will display an unassuming Error 404 page, which is usually used to indicate that the page does not exist. Like we said, it’s relatively unassuming and most people could just end up closing the page, although digging into the code it is discovered that it is actually used to run a malicious Java applet.

Now it should be noted that this particular Java vulnerability was patched by Oracle back in 2013, but we suppose the hackers are relying on the fact that there are many users out there who have not bothered to patch it, thinking that they are probably safe and that the exploit might not concern them. So if you haven’t updated Java for awhile, perhaps now might be a good time to do so.

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