A few months ago, we reported that in an effort to test the durability of the Samsung Galaxy S5, someone decided to take a hammer and beat the heck out of it. No prizes for guessing correctly that the handset was destroyed, but in the process, the person filming the video accidentally hammered onto the battery.

The battery started to hiss and spouted out a ton of black stuff while expanding dangerously. Thankfully nothing else happened, but in a new video that surfaced, someone decided to test whether or not batteries explode when a hammer is put to it. The battery used in the video was a Samsung battery, but presumably this is the result that one can expect from most, if not all, li-ion batteries used in smartphones.

Basically the battery exploded. It first swelled up, exploded, jumped into the air, before it began raining down fiery pieces of debris. For some reason the person with the hammer thought that a small plank of wood would be a good defense against an exploding battery, and why he did not run after hitting the battery still amazes me.

In any case we guess this video just serves to remind us again that the batteries in our smartphones are not to be taken lightly. We have heard horror stories of how using third-party, unofficial chargers could potentially damage the battery and cause fires, so the next time you think about saving money with a cheaper charger, hopefully the video above will convince you to spend that extra $10-$20.

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