We’re sure many of you guys were in awe of the robots in the movie Pacific Rim, and we’re sure many of you were wondering just how it would feel like to pilot one of them. Well if you are curious, you’re in luck because at the San Diego Comic-Con, you will be able to, sort of. This is thanks to Legendary Pictures teaming up with the folks at Oculus VR for a Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot demo.

Basically it involves gamers putting on the Oculus Rift headset and take control of the 250-foot tall Gipsy Danger robot that you guys saw in the movie. Gamers will also be able to do battle in a virtual reality environment through a combat simulator against the Knifehead kaiju, which is one of the first monsters that you see in the movie.

The entire experience was apparently built using the Unreal Engine 4 and they even used the same assets that Industrial Light & Magic used for the movie, so safe to say that it will look pretty realistic and immersive. For those who are in San Diego and are attending Comic-Con, the Pacific Rim simulator will be available for testing at Legendary’s booth #3920, so head on over if you’re interested!

In the meantime if you’re wondering what it might look like, you can check out the video above which is basically some scenes from the original Pacific Rim movie. So, anyone planning on checking it out?

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