pavlokWe all could use a little motivation from time to time to either get ourselves into the gym, to start on our assignment, to complete a project, and etc. There are many forms of motivation, such as financial motivation, but what if even the idea of money couldn’t get you into the gym? Is pain motivation the next step?

Well that’s what the Pavlok wristband’s creator seems to think is the next step. The device was created by Maneesh Sethi, and for those who aren’t familiar with him, he is a blogger who back in 2012, hired a girl to slap him whenever he opens Facebook instead of focusing on being productive.

It seems that Sethi is a strong believer in pain being a good motivator, thus the creation of Pavlok (which we can only assume is a play on the word Pavlov, the physiologist who worked on the idea of classical conditioning). The wristband has been designed to shock the user if they don’t meet the goals that they set out to do.

For example the wristband can be used to ensure the wearer wakes up on time. Sethi sets it so that whenever he hits the snooze button twice, he would be shocked by the wristband into waking up, and presumably from there the wearer will learn to wake up in a timely manner. It’s an interesting idea but as it stands, Pavlok is currently unavailable for purchase, although they expect that it will most likely launch later this year where it will retail for $250.

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